Dynasty 101

Injury Risk Ratings

Injuries. One of the most devastating things that can happen to your dynasty team. A team can go from dominant to bottom-feeder in a single week when injuries strike. We’ve suffered the let-down season after season, which is why we decided it was important to begin evaluating “injury risk” during our rookie scouting process.

We’ve heard time and time again, “that player is so injury prone!” What if you could identify those injury prone players BEFORE drafting them? While injuries can strike at any time, we’ve done extensive research on every collegiate prospect and assigned an “Injury Risk Rating” to each player based on his injury history.

Players are grouped into three categories: Low, Moderate, and High. The categories are defined as follows:


  • No injury history
  • Zero surgeries
  • Non-recurrent soft tissue injuries (i.e. hamstring pull)
  • 0-1 concussions


  • Recurring soft tissue injuries to 1 body part
  • 1 surgery
  • Injuries to 2-3 different body parts
  • 1-3 concussions
  • 1-2 fractured bones


  • >1 surgery
  • Injuries to >3 body parts
  • >3 concussions
  • >2 fractured bones

Each of our rookie prospect profiles contains an injury risk rating and detailed injury history for that player. Although a player with a “high” rating isn’t guaranteed to sustain injuries in his NFL career, we do recommend being aware of it.

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