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League Openings

The Dynasty 101 staff run several unique dynasty leagues that are looking for new team owners. The details are below. We will keep this page updated regularly.

Last Updated: March 23, 2023

English Football Association Dynasty League (EFA)

About the League:

  • This will be year 7 of the league
  • 92 teams divided into 4 divisions (20-24-24-24) with 4 total player copies
  • The league mirrors the English Football (soccer) pyramid with promotion and relegation between the divisions each season
  • Several competitions each season:
    • Standard H2H
    • League-wide tournaments
    • Division-specific tournaments
    • Cross-league tournaments
  • Many ways to win prizes
  • “No Position Left Behind” (NPLB) scoring
  • Starting lineup: 8 offense, 10 IDP
    • QB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex/Flex/Flex
    • DL/DL/LB/LB/LB/DB/DB/Flex/Flex/Flex
  • 35-man rosters
  • 5-round rookie draft
  • $25 yearly entry fee through LeagueSafe
  • Hosted on MFL
  • Very active GroupMe chat
  • Link to full bylaws

Team Openings/Dispersal Draft


About the League:

  • This will be year 4 of the league
  • 96 teams total
  • The league uses NFL players in a setting similar to NCAA D1 Football
  • Player pool consists of NFL players in their first 4 years of the league (i.e. Rookies = Freshmen, 2nd year players = Sophomores, etc.)
  • 6 Conferences with 2 divisions each
  • Each division of 8 teams has its own player pool and all transactions are kept within the division. So while it is technically a “super league,” you are essentially playing in an 8-team setting
  • Yearly freshman (rookie) recruiting via auction
  • Rivalry/bowl games and college football playoff
  • Player/team trophies and awards
  • Standard/medical redshirts for player eligibility
  • Transfer portal for moving players between teams
  • 4 different weekly top 25 polls
  • Active GroupMe chat
  • Hosted on MFL
  • $25 yearly dues collected through LeagueSafe
  • Link to League Page
  • Full bylaws

Team Openings

  • List of available teams with info designating whether or not the team is an orphan or will participate in a multi-team dispersal draft.
  • All new owners will receive a $5 discount this year ($20 due for 2023)
  • Applicants will receive team priority based on the order in which they join the league.

If you are interested in joining the league, please fill out THIS APPLICATION and we’ll be in contact shortly.

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us or DM us on Twitter.

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