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Tua Tagovailoa

2020 Rookie Profile

School: Alabama
Year: Junior
Date of Birth: 03/02/1998
Drafted: Round 1, Pick 5 (5)
Team: Miami Dolphins

College Stats

Metrics and Measurables

Height6’0″ (3rd)
Weight217 lbs (30th)
Wingspan75 1/4″
Arm Length30 1/2″ (8th)
Hand Size10″ (80th)
40-Yard Dash
Vertical Jump
Broad Jump
3-Cone Drill
20-Yard Shuttle

Burst Score
Agility Score
Throw Velocity
Wonderlic Score13 (1st)
College QBR94.8 (99th)
Breakout Age20.5 (57th)


0.576 (3rd among 2020 QBs)

For detailed information about the PREDATOR Score methodology, check out this article.

Injury Risk


  • Finger fracture (surgery)—2018
  • Right knee sprain—2018
  • Right quad contusion—2018
  • Right ankle sprain—2018
  • Left high ankle sprain (surgery)—2018
  • Hamstring strain—2019
  • Right high ankle sprain (surgery)—2019
  • Right hip dislocation/fracture (surgery)—2019

For detailed information about our Injury Risk designations, check out this article.

Player Analysis

The Good

  • Good arm with high release point
  • Accurate on short and intermediate passes
  • Poised, plays with head up when pressured
  • Goes through progressions very well
  • Able to look off safeties on deep passes
  • Great movement around pocket to find better throwing windows
  • Able to drop the ball over defenders

The Bad

  • Smaller in stature and has history of injuries
  • Takes some bad sacks
  • Can be tricked by safeties into throwing an interception
  • Struggles with timing on intermediate and deep passes at times
  • Can get scattered and rushed when unwarranted

Overall Assessment

PRE-DRAFT: Tua is a poised, accurate quarterback that has been successful since he was a true freshman.  He is a good scrambler that can move around the pocket as well as anyone in the class. His smaller stature may be an issue to some NFL teams, but his injuries are the bigger concern. If teams are comfortable with his health, he will be drafted in the top 5 of the NFL draft. If that is the case, expect him to be drafted in the 2nd round of 1QB leagues and in the top 4 of Superflex leagues.  Even if he sits out for a season, I will be very happy to have him on my roster.

POST-DRAFT: Tagovailoa was drafted as the fifth pick of the first round by Miami.  This is a good situation for Tua and a great opportunity to start early if he clears medicals.  Having Ryan Fitzpatrick as his mentor is a positive situation for him to learn from an intelligent veteran. In superflex, Tua is being selected by the fourth pick in most drafts.  In 1QB, you can typically grab him in the late-second or early-third round.

Player Comparison: Drew Brees



  • Consensus Overall (1QB): 19.6
  • Consensus Overall (SF): 3.0
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): 3.0
  • Consensus QB: 2.0
  • Analyst QB: 2


  • Consensus Overall (1QB): 20.8
  • Consensus Overall (SF): 4.0
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): 2.5
  • Consensus QB: 2.0
  • Analyst QB: 2

NFL Profile

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