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Clyde Edwards-Helaire

2020 Rookie Profile

School: Louisiana State
Year: Junior
Date of Birth: 04/11/1999
Drafted: Round 1, Pick 32 (32)
Team: Kansas City Chiefs

College Stats

Metrics and Measurables

Height5’7″ (3rd)
Weight207 lbs (28th)
Wingspan70 5/8″
Arm Length29″ (3rd)
Hand Size9 5/8″ (77th)
40-Yard Dash4.60s (33rd)
Vertical Jump39 1/2″ (91st)
Broad Jump123″ (80th)
3-Cone Drill
20-Yard Shuttle
Bench Press15 reps (16th)

Speed Score92.5 (35th)
Burst Score128.7 (89th)
Agility Score
College Dominator18.3% (27th)
Target Share10.2% (76th)
SPARQ127.3 (68th)


0.309 (11th among 2020 RBs)

For detailed information about the PREDATOR Score methodology, check out this article.

Injury Risk


  • Hamstring strain (2020)

For detailed information about our Injury Risk designations, check out this article.

Player Analysis

The Good

  • Receiving – Good feel for finding open space on downfield routes and brings the ball in very reliably, catching 92% of his 75 college targets.
  • Balance – Solid short frame combined with lower body strength enables Clyde to break through tons of tackles or push defenders for extra yards consistently.
  • Elusiveness – One of the most elusive backs in this class, constantly side stepping defenders showing impressive lateral agility.

The Bad

  • Production – One of the larger concerns I have with Clyde’s profile is the possibility that he may simply be a beneficiary of the all-time great LSU offense. His share in the offense was actually pretty low, posting only a 27th percentile college dominator as a result of the great raw numbers.
  • Speed – Clyde’s long speed was enough to get him by against a number of college opponents, but will likely hamper his splash play ability at the next level.
  • Blocking – Not a consistent blocker in pass protection, but it won’t make much of a difference at the next level as he’ll be the checkdown option.

Overall Assessment

PRE-DRAFT: Clyde has shown that he is able to handle a large workload but there is concern that he may not be given the opportunity in the NFL. He’ll most likely end up seizing the lead portion of a committee with an emphasis on third down and receiving production. Clyde should be a good PPR option for years to come and is a great pick near the end of the first round of your rookie draft.

POST-DRAFT: No player has risen more significantly in rookie rankings than Clyde Edwards-Helaire, after landing in Kansas City as the only running back selected in the first round this year. His skill set is a perfect match for the offense he’s been paired with and he should see loads of targets from Patrick Mahomes right from the start. Whether you believe Clyde was a system player in college or not, it won’t matter as he has once again found himself in a dream scenario. Even if he doesn’t capture a bellcow role as a Chief, his receiving upside in a committee will give him top 10 RB potential every year of his rookie contract. He’s well worth a top two selection in rookie drafts and is widely viewed as the proper choice at the 1.01; it should really come down to preference when choosing between him and Taylor.

Player Comparison: Ryan Williams



  • Consensus Overall (1QB): 7.4
  • Consensus Overall (SF): 10.6
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): 9.5
  • Consensus RB: 4.8
  • Analyst RB: 5


  • Consensus Overall (1QB): 2.3
  • Consensus Overall (SF): 3.5
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): 4.5
  • Consensus RB: 2.3
  • Analyst RB: 2

NFL Profile

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