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Jordan Love

2020 Rookie Profile

School: Utah State
Year: Junior (RS)
Date of Birth: 11/02/1998
Drafted: Round 1, Pick 26 (26)
Team: Green Bay Packers

College Stats

Metrics and Measurables

Height6’4″ (73rd)
Weight224 lbs (56th)
Arm Length32 5/8″ (68th)
Hand Size10 1/2″ (95th)
40-Yard Dash4.74s (69th)
Vertical Jump35 1/2″ (89th)
Broad Jump118″ (86th)
3-Cone Drill7.21s (28th)
20-Yard Shuttle4.52s (13th)

Burst Score121.1 (88th)
Agility Score11.73 (25th)
Throw Velocity54 mph (38th)
Wonderlic Score27 (42nd)
College QBR59.8 (11th)
Breakout Age19.8 (72nd)
SPARQ109 (75th)


0.568 (4th among 2020 QBs)

For detailed information about the PREDATOR Score methodology, check out this article.

Injury Risk


  • No major injuries reported

For detailed information about our Injury Risk designations, check out this article.

Player Analysis

The Good

  • Strong arm with quick release
  • Able to put touch on passes while rolling out
  • Is mobile, but not elusive
  • Able to drop passes over zone defenders
  • Can throw at different arm angles
  • Poised under pressure
  • Good at moving in pocket to find better throwing windows

The Bad

  • Footwork needs a lot of work
  • Struggles reading coverage
  • Not very accurate on passes outside of hash-marks
  • Stares down his first read

Overall Assessment

PRE-DRAFT: Jordan Love is going to be a polarizing player throughout the draft process. His physical tools will make some people project him to be the next big thing.  His footwork and poor reading of coverage will make others believe he is a project quarterback. I don’t trust that he will be able to read coverage in the NFL if he struggled in college.  Due to that, I am steering clear in 1QB and am comfortable spending a mid-late 2nd in Superflex. Draft capital will be king with Love and I am shying away from spending high picks on him until I know when he is drafted.

POST-DRAFT: Love was drafted by Green Bay in the first round. He will be playing behind Aaron Rodgers for two years if they decide to cut Rodgers once the dead cap hit is tolerable. This gives Love some time to develop with little pressure from a fan-base, so it seems as though he is in a good situation. If he develops quickly, there is a chance that the Packers could figure out a way to be rid of Rodgers as early as next offseason. In superflex leagues, he should be going in the mid-to-late second round and he can be avoided in 1QB leagues until his situation clears up.

Player Comparison: Colin Kaepernick



  • Consensus Overall (1QB): 37.2
  • Consensus Overall (SF): 15.0
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): 10.0
  • Consensus QB: 4.6
  • Analyst QB: 7


  • Consensus Overall (1QB): 40.5
  • Consensus Overall (SF): 20.3
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): 18.5
  • Consensus QB: 4.3
  • Analyst QB: 4

NFL Profile

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