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Malik Willis

2022 Rookie Profile

High School Rating:

School: Liberty
Year: Senior (RS)
Date of Birth: May 25, 1999

College Stats


Metrics and Measurables

Height6’0 1/2″ (6th)
Weight219 lbs (41st)
Wingspan77 3/8″ (72nd)
Arm Length31 3/4″ (39th)
Hand Size9 1/2″ (46th)
40-Yard Dash
Vertical Jump
Broad Jump
3-Cone Drill
20-Yard Shuttle

Burst Score
Agility Score
Throw Velocity
Wonderlic Score
College QBR78.7 (66th)
Breakout Age21.3 (33rd)


For detailed information about the PREDATOR Score methodology, check out this article.

Injury Risk


  • Foot injury (2021) – No games missed

For detailed information about our Injury Risk designations, check out this article.

Player Analysis

The Good

  • Rushing Ability – Over 1800 yards rushing and 27 TDs in 2 years as the starter at Liberty. Elusive in the open field. Extremely athletic.
  • Arm Strength – Has a cannon for a right arm. Can throw to any part of the field with ease.
  • Blitz Recognition – Played with a horrendous offensive line in college and was forced to develop a sixth sense to avoid additional sacks.
  • Vision – This applies to both running and passing. Scans the field well to find open running lanes or receivers.

The Bad

  • Accuracy – Extremely inconsistent. Makes some incredible throws in tight spaces, but then misses easy ones.
  • Touch Passes – Throws everything like a fast ball. Causes him to throw inaccurate screen passes.
  • Ball Placement – Forces receivers to make catches outside their frame. Less talented receivers won’t make these catches.
  • Decision Making – Overly confident in his ability to complete passes and ends up forcing throws that get intercepted.

Overall Assessment

PRE-DRAFT: Willis originally committed to play football at Auburn but transferred to Liberty after two years. He played against lesser competition, but was able to showcase what makes him special as a quarterback. Of the QBs in this year’s class, he likely has the largest gap between floor and ceiling at the NFL level. His best two traits, rushing ability and arm strength, are ones that cannot be taught to quarterbacks. The cannon he has for an arm combined with speed and athleticism could make him deadly in the NFL. He’s a raw product now and will require coaching and a system that will cater to his abilities. If he can improve on his accuracy and touch as a passer, he’ll easily be the best QB of this crop. In a class that is below average in terms of talent, I’m going with the highest upside pick as my top ranked QB.


Player Comparison: Jalen Hurts



  • Quarterbacks: 1
  • Overall (1QB):
  • Overall (2QB):


  • Quarterbacks:
  • Overall (1QB):
  • Overall (2QB):

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