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D’Andre Swift

2020 Rookie Profile

School: Georgia
Year: Junior
Date of Birth: 01/14/1999
Drafted: Round 2, Pick 3 (35)
Team: Detroit Lions

College Stats

Metrics and Measurables

Height5’8″ (8th)
Weight212 lbs (43rd)
Arm Length29 7/8″ (15th)
Hand Size9″ (26th)
40-Yard Dash4.48s (78th)
Vertical Jump35 1/2″ (63rd)
Broad Jump121″ (69th)
3-Cone Drill
20-Yard Shuttle
Bench Press

Speed Score105.3 (80th)
Burst Score120.9 (62nd)
Agility Score
College Dominator21.1% (35th)
Target Share10.1% (75th)
SPARQ124.4 (60th)


0.372 (6th among 2020 RBs)

For detailed information about the PREDATOR Score methodology, check out this article.

Injury Risk


  • Ankle sprain (2016)
  • Undisclosed injury (2017)
  • Groin strain x2 (2018)
  • Ankle sprain (2018)
  • Left shoulder contusion (2019)

For detailed information about our Injury Risk designations, check out this article.

Player Analysis

The Good

  • Vision – Exploits small gaps repeatedly and is particularly adept at recognizing cutback lanes.
  • Burst – More than enough acceleration to get through nearly all holes created by the OLine before defenders can.
  • Agility – Able to change direction and speed incredibly quick aiding him in eluding tacklers.
  • Receiving – Great hands and clean routes allowed him to put up good receiving numbers throughout his college years.

The Bad

  • Balance – Too often brought down on first contact if unable to evade the defender cleanly.
  • Workload – Slightly less productive than other elite prospects, but much of this can be chalked up to Georgia’s competitive depth chart and philosophy.
  • Patience – Has a tendency to take plays to the outside if he can’t identify a hole early in the play.

Overall Assessment

PRE-DRAFT: A Devy darling for years, Swift has remained a top 3 RB prospect in this class throughout college and will likely (and rightfully) be the first or second player taken in most rookie drafts. His efficiency and versatility make him a potential round 1 prospect for NFL teams. Swift’s compact frame and receiving/blocking abilities should allow him to seize a 3-down role as early as his rookie season.

POST-DRAFT: Swift may see his early career opportunities slightly hampered by the presence of Kerryon Johnson on the roster, but he should have no problem at least capturing the lead role in a committee. The Lions have an improving young offensive line and an effective downfield passing game with a quarterback who’s not afraid to check the ball down to the running backs. You should feel great about selecting this all-around back within the top 5 picks of your rookie draft.

Player Comparison: Alvin Kamara



  • Consensus Overall (1QB): 1.8
  • Consensus Overall (SF): 3.4
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): 3.0
  • Consensus RB: 1.8
  • Analyst RB: 2


  • Consensus Overall (1QB): 3.8
  • Consensus Overall (SF): 5.8
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): 5.5
  • Consensus RB: 3.8
  • Analyst RB: 4

NFL Profile

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