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Cole McDonald

2020 Rookie Profile

School: Hawaii
Year: Junior (RS)
Date of Birth: 05/20/1998
Drafted: Round 7, Pick 10 (224)
Team: Tennessee Titans

College Stats

Metrics and Measurables

Height6’3″ (53rd)
Weight215 lbs (25th)
Wingspan76 3/4″
Arm Length32 1/4″ (56th)
Hand Size9 3/4″ (61st)
40-Yard Dash4.58s (91st)
Vertical Jump36″ (92nd)
Broad Jump121″ (92nd)
3-Cone Drill7.13s (48th)
20-Yard Shuttle4.52s (13th)

Burst Score123.5 (91st)
Agility Score11.65 (3rd)
Throw Velocity49 mph (2nd)
Wonderlic Score
College QBR70.8 (41st)
Breakout Age20.4
SPARQ116.0 (86th)


0.047 (9th among 2020 QBs)

For detailed information about the PREDATOR Score methodology, check out this article.

Injury Risk


  • Strained MCL (2018)
  • Internal bleeding into scrotum (2018)

For detailed information about our Injury Risk designations, check out this article.

Player Analysis

The Good

  • Can run, but isn’t elusive
  • When given time, will go through progressions
  • Poised and patient in pocket
  • Decent accuracy on short and intermediate passes

The Bad

  • Very long arm motion slows his release time
  • Weak arm
  • Overly aggressive throwing into double coverage
  • Overthrows open receivers at times

Overall Assessment

PRE-DRAFT: McDonald has good size and the ability to run a bit.  He is an aggressive YOLO quarterback that will throw into tight coverage. His “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hook shot” release and lack of arm-strength limit his upside.  McDonald is someone I am not looking to add at this time. He is fantasy irrelevant unless someone unexpectedly drafts him.

POST-DRAFT: McDonald was drafted by the Titans in the seventh round.  McDonald will be battling with Logan Woodside for the backup role, so it is possible he ends up winning that competition.  If that is the case, he will be backing up a quarterback that has had his fair share of injuries and runs with the ball quite a bit.  If you are looking to add a late round rookie quarterback that may have the chance to hit like Garner Minshew in 2019, McDonald is the best bet.  He is an add in deeper superflex leagues and a pass in 1QB.

Player Comparison: Ryan Fitzpatrick



  • Consensus Overall (1QB): NR
  • Consensus Overall (SF): NR
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): NR
  • Consensus QB: 11.3
  • Analyst QB: 10


  • Consensus Overall (1QB): NR
  • Consensus Overall (SF): NR
  • Consensus Overall (NPLB): NR
  • Consensus QB: 11.5
  • Analyst QB: 9

NFL Profile

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